Inspiring videos

A collection of video clips that I find inspiring. Mostly cycling and urban design, but other things too.


Poynton is a small town in Cheshire England. It was plagued with high levels of truck and car traffic, and many crashes and injuries.

“A traffic signal controlled wasteland”.

“There’s a misconception that if you take away the lights people are going to drive fast. Actually the opposite is true. It’s the green light that encourages the speed that licenses the aggression. If you take away the lights … people naturally approach slowly and filter.”

The council researched “shared space” urban design and came up with this brilliant solution. 15′


How the Dutch got their cycle paths. By 1970  Dutch towns were overwhelmed by cars. The road toll was increasing. Dutch people decided they had had enough and began a series of protests to which the government responded in a positive manner. Here’s how they fixed it: 6′ 30″


Copenhagen: city of cyclists. Music video 3′ 24″


Copenhagen viewed through North American eyes. This is what I want to do to Melbourne. “The drivers get tamed.”


Stravinsky  Le Sacre du Printemps …animated graphic score – so clever and a great way of teaching children about this iconic work.


Bicycle Culture by Design: Mikael Colville-Andersen

The focus on re-establishing more liveable cities continues unabated. The primary problem however is that 85 years of traffic engineering revolving around the car has failed miserably. It’s time for modern thinking. Design can help. Historically, streets were human spaces. Let’s design our cities like we design toasters or smartphones, following the desire lines of our citizens. Using basic design principles instead of engineering is the surest route to developing thriving, human cities.


Janette Sadik-Khan, who was appointed to the role of Traffic Commissioner in New York City in 2007 reflects on and details the thinking behind successful initiatives to reshape street life in the 5 boroughs, including the addition of pedestrian zones in Times Square and the arrival of Citi Bikes.

And here’s Janette speaking at the Adelaide VeloCity Conference in 2014 reviewing what has happened since:


Children living in the Amsterdam neighbourhood De Pijp fight for a play street without cars in 1972.


Vancouver: Burrard Bridge to Point Grey Road

So beautiful. I want this for Melbourne.


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